April 23, 2013

The Thread Pleasure Island Kicked Off Last Week

The Thread Pleasure Island, a no-fee network group for business owners in the Pleasure Island and Monkey Junction area, launched this past week at an event Thursday evening.

The Thread was founded by Sandpiper Marketing & Communications, LLC and Linquist/Keenan Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage Realty. Members network with other business owners over drinks, learning about each others’ businesses, trading leads, and having fun doing it! Additionally, members will be giving back to the community it serves as they donate as a collective group to a chosen local charity.

The Thread Network:
•Together, we share perspectives of business ownership;
•Help by giving to others readily--don’t worry about “quid pro quo”;
•Recognize that we achieve more together;
•Encourage through sharing your passion and advice;
•Accept and strive to understand others’ challenges and needs; and
•Do! Reach out and expand each others’ network

Spread the word to Pleasure Island business owners about the Thread and ask them to join online at www.thethreadpleasureisland.com and check them out on https://www.facebook.com/WeAreTheConversation?ref=ts&fref=ts

The Thread welcomes business sponsors for upcoming events! The Thread’s quarterly featured business(es) is a special sponsor who is willing to donate food, drinks, and/or a give-away valued at $150 for the event. For that, your business will be advertised as the Thread's quarterly featured business on the web page with their logo (with a link to your website) and during the night of a Thread event. If any business would like to partner with the Thread for a specific quarter, contact them at info@thethreadpleasureisland.com or 443.333.0571.

Business owners, mark your calendar now for the next Thread event on Thursday, July 18th, location TBD!

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