April 30, 2013

Carolina Beach Receives $800,000 CAMA Grant to Renovate Boardwalk

We received some wonderful news today from Mayor Bob Lewis regarding a $800,000 CAMA grant to be used for renovating the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Here's the email from Bob which outlines the preliminary plans for improving the boardwalk:

We had another great meeting with our legislators, senators and the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Steve Shuttleworth, Tom Bridges and I met with numerous representatives this morning in Raleigh to help secure over $800,000 in grant money from CAMA. 

The new boardwalk will feature: gazebos, covered areas, a wide promenade, swings, seating, ocean views, a children's featured playground feature, upgraded showers and more beach access areas. Our plan is to included a number of residents and organizations in various aspects of design features and develop a plan to present to the community within the next 60-90 days. Mayor Bob 
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