January 19, 2013

Photo: Coyote on Bald Head Island

Here's a very cool photo taken by Doug Eberle and shared with the Bald Head Island Conservancy.  The coyote was spotted in the marsh behind Lighthouse Landing.

Coyotes have been spotted on Pleasure Island on a fairly regular basis but they are not often seen on Bald Head Island.

From the NC Wildlife Resources Commission:

Coyotes in North Carolina look similar to red wolves, but coyotes are smaller, have pointed and erect ears, and long slender snouts. The tail is long, bushy and black-tipped and is usually carried pointing down. 

Color is typically dark gray but can range from blonde, red, and even black. Size is also variable, but averages about 2 feet tall at the shoulder and 4 feet in length. 

Adults are about the size of a medium-sized dog and weigh between 20 and 45 pounds.

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Coyote on Bald Head Island. Photo by Doug Eberle and shared with the BHI Conservancy

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