January 19, 2013

Mary Lee, the 16' Great White, Has Once Again Returned to Carolina Beach

Mary Lee's location as of 3:16pm EST on 01/18/2013
Our favorite great white shark, Mary Lee, has once again returned to Carolina Beach.  This marks her third visit to our area since she was tagged with a satellite tracker in September 2012 off Cape Cod.

Mary Lee is 16 feet in length and weighs approximately 3,500 pounds.  She has been roaming the east coast since September and has made three passes by our area.  Each time she reaches the southeast part of NC, she then u-turns and heads back towards Georgia/Florida.

Mary Lee pings off Surf City 12:03am ESt 01/19/2013
Since fitted with the satellite tag, she has travelled as far south as Jacksonville, FL and as far north as Surf City, NC.

Mary Lee pinged just off the North End of Carolina Beach yesterday afternoon as shown in the above photo.  But by 12:03am EST this morning, she had moved north and was just off Surf City, NC.

Current location (large dot) compared to location on 12/22/2012
What is really making this visit more exciting than others is that her last ping, 12:03am EST, had her almost at the exact same spot from her last visit on December 22, 2012 when she turned around and headed back south.  The question remains, will she follow the same path or continue north.  Stay tuned!!

PS.  You can track her here: http://sharks-ocearch.verite.com/
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