January 1, 2013

A Cold January Atlantic Dip

How do you celebrate New Years?  Parties, fine dinners, visit with friends?  Sure, that's how most of us do it but Paul Como and his group like to do things a bit different.

Paul dropped me a note letting me know that his posse has once again braved the cold Atlantic water and gone for a plunge.  He noted that it has become an annual tradition for him and his nutty friends to jump into the surf at exactly 7:00am on January 1st.   Their spot of choice, the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.

Joining Paul in the craziness was (from left to right) Robert Morris, James Borden, Paul Como and Gene Forshery.

To the delight of the many spectators who were wondering if this foursome was a bit nuts, the Atlantic dippers got smacked from behind by this surprise wave.

So from Paul and his chilled friends, Happy New Years to all and may your year be filled with warmth, friendship and not so blue skin.

PS.  You can view pics from last years plunge here.

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