December 16, 2012

Video: Close Encounter with Humpbacks Off the Coast of Wrightsville Beach, NC

Well it's official, if one wants to have an extraordinary encounter with sea life in North Carolina, they need to go boating with Matthew Garrett.

Matthew seems to have an uncanny ability to come across some amazing sights while boating in the coastal waters of Southeast North Carolina. Last year, he and his friends came across a massive 18 foot great white shark approximately 25 miles southeast of Wrightsville Beach. You may recall, his video became an overnight internet sensation and was picked up by numerous media outlets. (Great White: video 1, video 2).

Four months ago, Matthew came across a pod of about 30 dolphins that apparently felt that Matthew's boat was a pretty fun playground.  They hung around for quite a while and he was able to get some pretty cool video.

So that takes us to this past week when Matthew's good fortunate came to light again and he was able to capture up close video of several humpback whales.  The two adults and one calf were spotted about two miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, NC.  

I look forward so seeing what other nature encounters Matthew Garrett may share in the coming years.
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