December 18, 2012

Mary Lee, the 16' Great White, is Once Again Nearing North Carolina

The number one thing I love about following Mary Lee, the 16 foot - 3,500lb great white shark, is that she is completely unpredictable.
When Mary Lee was originally tagged and released in Cape Cod, she soon began a southward swim down the eastern US coastline.  According to experts, they expected her to head down to the warmer waters of Florida and/or Georgia to most likely give birth.  

She didn't let down the experts.  She swam southward and at one point made it to the Jacksonville, FL area.  But she didn't stay put, she u-turned and began heading north and eventually made it all the way back up to Bald Head Island, NC and even spent some time hunting in the lower Cape Fear River.  But it was a short visit and she again spun around and headed back south.
As of just a couple weeks ago, she was down near Tybee Island, GA (near Savannah) and she spent a fair amount of time hunting near inlets.  But then she did what she always seems to do, she reversed course and again headed back in a northern direction.

Well, as of today she is now closing in on Murrells Inlet, SC.  On her previous pass, she spent several days hunting in Murrells Inlet and it again appears that she may be going back for a follow up feed.  

So the question remains, will she continue her northward movement and again visit us in SE North Carolina?  I say yes...we'll lets just say I'm hoping she does because it sure does make visiting the beach a tad more interesting.  But let me say for the record, I'd like her to stay a few miles off shore.

You can keep up with her latest movements at this website:
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