December 23, 2012

16 Foot Great White Continues to Visit the Cape Fear Region

As of 9:00pm on Saturday, December 22, 2012, Mary Lee was still lurking around the Cape Fear region.

On December 20th, Mary Lee's satellite tag pinged about a 1/4 of a mile off the beach at Fort Fisher.  The following day, she pinged just a couple hundred yards off Carolina Beach at Sea Gull Lane.  From there, she moved about a mile or two off shore and continued north passing Wrightsville Beach and then onwards to the southern end of Figure Eight Island.

After checking out the Figure Eight waters, she headed eastward out to sea and then moved up towards Surf City where she pinged about 5 miles off shore.  She didn't stay long and about 12 hours later on the morning of December 22, she again resurfaced approximately 15-20 miles off Wrightsville Beach.

But apparently Mary Lee finds the fishing too good to pass up in our area and by mid afternoon on the 22nd, she headed due west and eventually pinged just off shore at Masonboro Island.

So that takes us to her last ping last evening where Mary Lee pinged less than a mile off Carolina Beach virtually do west of her earlier ping location on Sea Gull Lane.

Has Mary Lee had enough of our cooler waters?  Is she again going to continue south and head back to Georgia/Florida waters?  Time will tell but it sure will be fun watching her

Here's a cool photo that we posted earlier on our Facebook page which might give you a better idea of what a shark Mary Lee's size would look like next to a diver.  Wow! 

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