November 11, 2012

Video: UFO Reported in Kure Beach, NC

The following report of a UFO sighting in Kure Beach on the evening of 11/08/2012 was posted on   There was no video from this account.  However, two videos have been posted on youtube from the same evening.  You can video the videos below the narrative.  The first is from Myrtle Beach, SC and the other from Calabash, NC.  Per the narrative in the second video, the lights were moving north from N. Myrtle Beach up through were he was located in NC.

We were sitting in the living room of a cottage we rented for the week. The eastern section of the room had a large window facing the ocean. I saw a bright orange light that we thought was from a boat on the ocean. We turned off all the lights in the house and went outside to get a better look at it. It was then that we noticed the light was too high off the horizon (about 10 degrees). I had a set of binoculars sitting on the deck and used them to get a better look at the object. It was a pulsing orange light that appeared to change shape as I looked at it. Within a minute or so another object appeared to the right of the first...

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This video was posted by UndentifiedUFO on youtube and was shot in Myrtle Beach, SC.

This video was posted J.Franics on youtube and was shot in Calabash, NC.
Photo Credit: Screenshot from the UndentifiedUFO video
Cartoon Credit
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