November 11, 2012

Mary Lee, the 16' Great White, Continues to Stay Close to Shore While Nearing Florida

Here's another update on our favorite shark, Mary Lee, the 16', 3,500lb great white shark that was tagged by OCEARCH in Cape Cod this past September.

As of this morning, November 11, 2012, she is in the vicinity of the Cumberland Island National Seashore.  Earlier, she had moved farther south towards Jacksonville, FL and at one point was approximately five miles of Fernandina Beach but she appears to have U-turned and headed back northward towards just south of Brunswick, GA.

Speculation is that Mary Lee is headed to the warm Florida waters for the winter months and may even be headed there to give birth.  

No matter what she may be up to, we are thoroughly enjoying tracking her progress via Ocearch and we'll keep posting updates in the coming months.
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