November 30, 2012

Mary Lee, the 16 foot, 3,500lb Great White Is Now in the Cape Fear Area

Why hello Mary Lee!!! It looks like you did come to our area after all, so welcome!!

Mary Lee has once again returned to North Carolina waters and is currently off the Bald Head Island shoreline.  As of her last ping, she is just 15 miles from Carolina Beach. 

Mary Lee was captured, tagged and then released in Cape Cod in late summer 2012. She initially moved south towards Jacksonville, Florida but then u-turned and began heading back north. The question remains whether will she stay in our cooler waters or head back south to warmer fishing grounds? No one knows but we'll most certainly follow her progress on the blog.

BTW, did you see that Mary Lee made a brief visit to the lower Cape Fear River basin?  At one point, it looks like she was within a mile or two of Southport, NC. Not to mention, when she surfaced and the satellite was pinged, she was directly in line with the Bald Head Island/Southport ferry route. If she keeps this up, we may someday get a photo of our elusive friend.

This is now our fifth blog post on Mary Lee so it only seemed fitting that she get her own label. To see all the blog posts on Mary Lee, check out this link:
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