October 18, 2012

Video: Vacationer Encounters Bull Sharks as they Nearly Come Ashore at Emerald Isle

The following shark videos were taken by Ashley Stinnett during his summer vacation on Emerald Isle, NC in late September 2012.

Ashley is from Charleston, WV and he comes to Emerald Isle every year to enjoy some Carolina sunshine and the warm ocean waters. But this year, he had quite a change of pace when he just happened by some bull sharks feeding on bait fish at the water's edge.

Fortunately for us, Ashley was carrying his iPhone and was able to capture some of the action on video. He mentioned that at one point, he waded in a little closer for a better shot and found himself within just a couple feet of the motivated diners. But all ended well and he was able to capture some fantastic images during his amazing chance encounter.

Ashley estimates the size of the sharks were between 4 to 6 feet. He did share the videos with staff from the NC Aquarium and they confirmed that they were bull sharks. 

What a truly cool experience for Ashley and we greatly appreciate him sharing his story & video with us.
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