October 5, 2012

Satellite Tagged Great White Off the Coast of North Carolina

Shark group tags second great white shark

From CBS news:
(CBS News) Last month, CBS News special correspondent, Jeff Glor, shared a look into the world of a group of fishermen and scientists as they attempted to tag white sharks with GPS trackers in order to reveal new information about their migration habits and breeding. The group, OCEARCH, conducts this work as part of a broader effort to to study and protect sharks...

Since Glor's initial report, OCEARCH caught and released another great white shark, after affixing a satellite enabled tracking tag to the sharks' dorsal fin. Five day after catching Genie, a 15-foot, 2,000-pound shark, off the coast of Cape Cod, the OCEARCH team caught and spot-tagged an even bigger shark, a 3,500 pound female dubbed Mary Lee (currently off the NC coast)...

Read the full CBS story (with video) here.
Photo from video

Track the 16' great white Mary Lee as she heads south along the NC coast.  Real time tracker here.
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