October 11, 2012

Photo: Boater Drifts Aground with Carolina Beach Mooring Balls in Sight

For the last several months, I've been reading the many comments/opinions being posted on Cruiser.net regarding the new Carolina Beach Mooring field. (Click here for the town's website).  

For the most part, the comments have been favorable with many stating that the $20 fee is quite reasonable when compared to other mooring fields. The nominal fee provides peace of mind as boaters go ashore to enjoy the town's amenities and attractions without having to worry about their vessel slipping away due to the inlet's current.

But some have objected to paying the $20 overnight mooring ball fee and state that they can get away with just anchoring instead.  That may very well be the right decision for some veteran boaters but as you can see from this photo (taken this morning near the Carolina Beach mooring field-photo by Chris Higgins), the mooring ball fee can be the best money spent especially if your boat gets damaged while dragging along the sound floor.  Not to mention, your neighboring boaters might not be too happy with your thrifty decision when your boat attempts to mate with theirs.

Below is a brief sample of some of the latest comments from Cruiser.net.  To read more opinions, go to their page and do a search (in the upper right corner) of: Carolina Beach Mooring.

-Great news . Looking forward to stop for a few cold ones. Carolina beach good work.
Ed & Joyce

-Those of us who prefer to anchor, and I have done so many times successfully in Carolina Beach, think the “slap in the face” is what we are getting! I know and trust my anchoring gear, and I go where I can use it. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on it just to carry it around with me. Hopefully, sufficient room for anchoring will be retained.
John Kettlewell

Our trawler Antares is based in Southport, and we’ve anchored at Myrtle Grove Sound once or twice a year for the past four years or so since we arrived here. The area has a lot to offer with regard to restaurants, entertainment for children, beach, etc. (you’ll need a dinghy, of course). It’s a calm, quiet anchorage (now mooring), and certainly a great stop on the way north or south just off Snow’s Cut on the ICW.
Captain Bob Fuller

I worked hard for 60 years to make my millions and I could care less about $20 vs a REAL secure spot for the night and a good night’s sleep. No matter what you do, no matter where you do it, and no matter who you do it for, there are jerks out here who will complain about anything and everything. I once gave a friend $50,000 and, believe it or not, he complained about the English saddle leather attaché I gave it to him in.
In the past 40 years I’ve anchored, moored, and slipped. Each has its advantages and disadvantages–I would assume most cruisers are aware of them. The moorings at Myrtle Grove Sound offer a reliable and safe alternative for many recreational boaters who may not have your multi-thousand blue water miles under their keels.
Captain Bob

Check out Cruiser.net here http://cruisersnet.net/more-opinions-on-carolina-beach-mooring-field-carolina-beach-nc-aicw-statute-mile-295/

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