September 5, 2012

Fisherman Hooks 3 1/2' Shark and Closes Fort Fisher Beach

According to a posting in the North Carolina Waterman, this past holiday weekend a fisherman at Fort Fisher had quite a battle with a small shark which in turn caused the beach to be temporarily closed.

According to the posting, the fisherman saw a large school of fish being pursued by larger fish.  He couldn't identify the larger fish so he grabbed his rod and threw in a large sting silver to see if he couldn't hook one of the big boys.  

On his 10th cast, he hit his mark.  His rod doubled over and the nearly half his line was taken out.  He fought the fish for nearly 20 minutes moving up and down the beach.  At this point, he had drawn a large crowd who stopped to see what was on the end of his line.  The fisherman was finally able to get the fish close enough to see what it was.  He had hooked a 3 1/2 foot shark in its dorsal fin.

He handed his rod over to one of the spectators and attempted to pull the shark onto shore so he could remove the hook. He made several attempts to bring in the shark by its tail but each time the shark would shake him loose.  Eventually, the shark broke the line and swam off.

Beach lifeguards were also on the scene and closed the beach temporarily in an abundance of caution.

You can read the full account on the North Carolina Waterman message board.

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