August 18, 2012

Suprise Sea Turtle Nest Hatches in Kure Beach

Check out these cool photos from Barbara Tillison of a surprise nest hatching in Kure Beach. This sea turtle nest had not been previously identified during the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Patrol's normal checks. Barbara feels that the nest was probably laid during a period of extremely high tides and the tracks were covered up by the time the PISTP came by on patrol.

The nest hatched in the wee hours of August 17th and was located in a Kure Beach neighborhood.  From their starting point, the baby turtles had a long journey to the ocean waters and had to pass through neighborhood yards, across a road, up to the Trading Post and then across the sandy beach. Several of the turtles got lost in the maze of obstacles but fortunately a few were discovered by some helpful people who then contacted the PISTP.  

All the little ones were eventually rounded up and were able to join their siblings for their Atlantic journey.  You can view more photos on the Barbara Tillison Photography facebook page.

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