August 23, 2012

Possible Large Shark Spotted Near Swimmers in Avon, NC

This photo appeared in the Virginia Pilot and was taken by Henry Harris from Calvert, MD.  On August 15th, Henry was enjoying a day at the beach with his friends in Avon, NC when he got the surprise of a lifetime after noticing a massive shark fin near his unsuspecting friends.

At the time, Henry was on the shore taking some photos of his friends bodyboarding.  He took a break from shooting pictures and began looking them over.  He was shocked to notice that in one photo there was a huge fin in the water near his friends.  He immediately thought of the movie Jaws and began yelling for his friends to get out of the water.

According to the Virginia Pilot, Henry and his friends showed the photo to a National Park Service Ranger who estimated that the shark would have been between 15 to 20 feet in length.  The Ranger also stated that it was most likely a Great White or Tiger shark and that it had probably come in close to shore to feed.

Read the Virginia Pilot story here.
Photo from article

EDIT: Some experts weigh in here
Here's a zoomed in view: 
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