August 1, 2012

Photos: 11 Foot Alligator Comes Ashore at Holden Beach

An 11 foot alligator came ashore near the 100 block of Ocean Blvd (by the bridge) in Holden Beach earlier this morning.   According to Shane Holden, who was nice enough to allow us to share his photos, a jogger spotted the alligator on the beach and contacted police. When the police arrived and saw they were dealing with an eleven foot gator, they called wildlife officers.

The alligator was eventually captured, transported and then released safely in a location far inland from the island. 

Just last week, a smaller alligator came ashore at the Isle of Palms, SC (news story).  Occasionally, alligators will get washed out to sea following heavy rainfall but typically they are the much smaller ones as they aren't yet strong swimmers.

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