August 11, 2012

Photo Essay: Kure Beach Sea Turtle Nest Number 2

PISTP locates a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest in 
Kure Beach on 6/9/12. (photo by Jennier Hufham)
A brief moment to celebrate. Jennifer Hufham & Jen Gore
(photo by J. Hufham)
George and Paula Plarre were the nest leaders for KB#2.
(photo by J. Hufham)
Digging to verify that mama laid her eggs is a bit like 
seek &find, you have to look everywhere.
 (photo by J. Hufham)

Staking off the nest after covering it with protective netting.  Foxes, raccoons & even dogs will dig up a nest if given the chance. One way mama turtles protect their nest is by carefully disguising where it was laid, hence the earlier game of seek & find.
In late July, a trench is dug to help the
little ones find their way to the ocean. (Photo by Jen Gore)
PISTP volunteers begin nest sitting as the anticipated hatch 
day nears. (Photo by Amber Wendelin Eng of CB Nest 1)
A depression forms at around 10pm on 08/05/12
(photo by J. Hufham)
Hello world!! 88 babies surface from the boil.
(photo by Neal Dorow)

The mad dash towards the (temporary) safety of the ocean.
(photo by Neal Dorow)
Three days later, the nest is excavated to check for live
 turtles and conduct a shell count. Four little ones were 
discovered. (photo by A Eng)
(photo by A. Eng)

(All three photos by A. Eng)

The release of the four babies draws a crowed.
(photo by A. Eng)

Final stats for KB Nest #2: the nest contained 112 eggs - 94 hatched live turtles (including
 four discovered during the excavation) and 18 eggs were unhatched/unfertilized.   
Special thanks to Amber for providing all the nest information & helping with photos.

-KB Nest #2 was adopted in memory of Amber Eng's brother who passed away this past Spring.-

PISTP back on patrol in search of the next nest (photo by Lisa Michele Hagan)
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