July 29, 2012

Photos: Thunderstorm Stalls Over Pleasure Island

Photo by Nikki French as the storm came into town

Photo by Robin Alexander from Canal Drive.
We needed some rain and boy did we get it today.  A thunderstorm rolled into town late this afternoon and the center appeared to have stalled over Carolina Beach which led to some pretty have rainfall.

I haven't hear an official count of the total rainfall but I wouldn't be surprised if it was several inches.

Our followers on Fabebook captured some great shots of the storm and were nice enough to allow us to share them with blog readers.

As of 7:00pm, the rain has tapered off to just a drizzle but radar does show another cell moving this way.  The good news is that this cell appears much weaker.

Photo by Hal Hiatt from the 1400 block of Canal Dr
Photo by Hal Hiatt from the 1400 block of Canal Dr
Photo by Diane Berry-Klutz at the corner of Lake Park Blvd and Cape Fear Blvd.
As so often happens on the coast, the storm gives way and leaves us with a beautiful sunset. Photo by Jennifer Friend
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