July 26, 2012

Oxford American: THE HABIT OF EATING: Donuts on The Boardwalk

July 24 2012 
By Erin Sroka 
Oxford American

Britt’s Donuts in North Carolina 

The same smell of donuts frying has been wafting over the Carolina Beach Boardwalk every summer for seventy-three years. It’s a small boardwalk, a Legoland of tourism against the Atlantic Ocean. It’s seen a lot of crowds come and go, and in 2012 the souvenirs for sale are new batches of the same old things: booty shorts, sand pails, foam footballs, picture frames, a T-shirt with a squirrel holding two giant nuts around its groin. A person can go to an arcade here or get a henna tattoo; it’s a place that seems to reward the teenager. But the origin of the donut smell is a shop run by a pair of grandparents. Britt’s Donuts is the Boardwalk’s longest running business, the only one that’s been a consistent draw for both locals and tourists since 1939... 

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Photo from article
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