July 17, 2012

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Make Numerous Rescues in Ten Minute Period

Susan Kranyik messaged us on Facebook to let us us know about a harrowing day for our island lifeguards.

At around 2:00pm today, Susan was enjoying the beach at Harper Ave when an ugly rip tide developed. She was surprised to see a it form because the day prior, the conditions had been perfect at the same spot. Within minutes of the rip forming, swimmers began to get pulled towards deeper water and the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue (CBOR) immediately jumped to action.

She estimates that during a ten minute time period, at least a dozen swimmer had to be rescued by lifeguards. Approximately seven guards responded to the scene and ultimately, all the swimmers were pulled safely to shore and no one required medical attention. Following the rescues, the guards closed that section of beach. 

Susan made it a point to seek out and thank the guards who were available.  She said that "it made me cry with gratitude that these lifeguards had saved a bunch of teenagers lives today."

Susan wanted to get the word out about what a wonderful job the Carolina Beach Ocean Resue did today and added that they truly deserve a "HEAP of applause and honors." 

Talk about having a job where you can truly make a difference in somone's life...and in this case, I mean that literally. We all extend major kudos to the men and women who make up the CBOR, you really are genuine heros!! And to members of the Kure Beach Ocean Rescue, your daily efforts in keeping beachgoers safe is equally appreciated.

To learn how to avoid a rip current, visit our earlier blog post here (includes photos and videos). 

Photo: CBOR rescue training.
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