July 29, 2012

Busy Year for the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Patrol

As of this past Thursday, July 26, 2012, the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Patrol has located six nests in Carolina Beach and nine in Kure Beach. 

The nest shown in these photos was found Wednesday morning at around 6:30am during the morning patrol. It was located at Freeman Park but was moved to an area near the center of Carolina Beach due to the risks associated with vehicular traffic at the park. 

The nest contained 101 eggs and each egg was very carefully removed and relocated to their new location by PISTP volunteers Nancy Powell Busovne, Karina Como (black shirt), Barbara Tilllison (blue shirt), and Johnathan Como (green shirt). 

Paul Como sent us the photos and informed us that the first nest of the season should be ready to hatch any day now. To get updates and keep up with the latest, follow PISTP on their website and/or on their Facebook page

Note: We just checked the PISTP site prior to hitting the post button and it looks like they have discovered a 10th nest this morning in Kure Beach. The good news just keeps coming!
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