June 1, 2012

Tourist Bitten by Small Shark in Avon, NC

A female tourist was bitten by a small shark on Thursday while swimming at a beach near Avon.  The bite occurred at around 1:30pm while the victim was in shallow water.

According to the National Park service, the victim described the shark as being less than two feet in length.  The victim was taken to the Avon Medical Clinic and they confirmed that the bite was from a shark.

This marks the first shark bite in North Carolina waters for 2012.  Although there were four officially recorded shark bite incidents in North Carolina in 2011,  local media outlets reported six shark bite incidents in North Carolina waters.  You view the 2011 shark bite incidents here.

Update 06/06/12: 
"Avon shark-bite victim was sure she had lost toes"
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