June 18, 2012

Possible Shark Bite at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Various local news outlets are reporting that a child was possibly bitten by a shark at Ocean Isle Beach, NC this morning. 

The 6-year-old female victim was wading in shallow water on the east end of the island when she was bitten at around 11:30a.m. She sustained a few puncture wounds on her leg. Her mother reported to authorities that she had seen a shark following a school of fish in the area where the child was bitten. 

Authorities did not close the beach but they have increased patrols and have warned swimmers of the possible shark bite. 

We will update this post if more information becomes available.

If confirmed as a shark bite, this will mark the second shark incident in NC waters this year.  The first bite occurred in Avon, NC in late May.

Edit 06/09/2012:  Confirmed shark bite. The victim needed 140 stitches to close her wounds.
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