June 21, 2012

Nashoba Publishing: Four souls saved at sea by son of Ayer couple

By Mary E. Arata
Posted: 06/20/2012 
Nashoba Publishing 

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC - Ian Tordella-Williams is living these days on Bald Head Island off North Carolina. His parents, Susan Tordella-Williams and Bob Williams alerted us to their son's involvement in a dramatic rescue that played out off Cape Fear earlier this month. 

Ian and his girlfriend visited the ocean front on June 4...When walking onto the beach, Tordella-Williams said he noticed five swimmers out on the sea. The surfer and wind-surfer instructor said he was struck briefly by the sight. "It was a really bad place to be."  

"The tide was low, then the tide came in and they didn't' notice. In the third and fourth hour, the tide comes in fast," said Tordella-Williams. "They got washed off the sand bar..." 

Read the full harrowing story here
photo from article
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