June 30, 2012

Manatee Spotted in the Wrightsville Beach Area

On June 4th, Taylor Rudisill was washing off his boat at Harbor Island in Wrightsville Beach, NC when the below manatee made a surprise appearance at the dock.  The manatee seemed very interested in the hose spray and to the amusement of Taylor, it soon began playing in the hose water. The manatee entertained Taylor for nearly 15 minutes. 

Now fast forward a few weeks and we have a second manatee sighting in the Wrightsville Beach area. The following video was posted on Youtube by UndergradTech on June 24, 2012. Per the description, this manatee was spotted off the Wrightsville Beach jetty. The videographer was testing a GoPro camera on his spear gun when he noticed a dark looking "rock" on the ocean floor. Upon closer inspection, he discoverd that the rock was actually a manatee. Cool video!

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