June 21, 2012

Guest Photographer Series: Island Pics Posted by Blog Friends on Facebook (06/21/12)

Here are some more photos from our Facebook photo album, "Island Pics Posted by Blog Friends."  To date, we have added over 40 photos to the album from various photographers who have captured some amazing & interesting photos from around Pleasure Island.  Last month we shared five photos and we'll share five more now.  Once we are caught up, we'll continue to post photos in groups of five as we reach that threshold.

The photos are in no particular order.  Enjoy!
Great shot of the Carolina Beach Yacht Basin by Keith R. Bloemendaal
Here's a cool shot taken by Angie Earl of the filming of Arther Newman, Golf Pro (with Colin Firth & Emily Blunt) on Lake Park Blvd (that's Squigly's Ice Cream in the back).
nson Stephens captured this cool cloud formation from Carolina Beach showing the likeness of two dogs baying at the heavens.
Here's a great shot of Stone dropping into the bowl at the CB Skate Park. The photo was taken by his very proud Grandmother, Pam Johnson-Stewart

Another great shot from Lisa Michele Hagan.
~Good Morning from Carolina Beach!!~
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