May 21, 2012

Q/A: Are Golf Carts Allowed at Carolina Beach State Park?

After seeing a comment on one of our Facebook posts regarding this subject, I thought I'd pose the question directly to the park.  They quickly responded with this answer:

Our 7 or so miles of trails are for hiking only and not available or accessible for any “off road” type vehicle, bicycles or even horses. These trails travel through sensitive habitats and are classified as hiking trails only. While local municipalities may pass ordinances regarding operation of golf carts, the public roadways in the park (paved surfaces) are very much like any other state roadway. Park speed limit is 25 mph max.

Golf carts may ride on the paved park roads if:

  • Driven by a licensed driver over 16 yrs. of age
  • Carts must be “street legal”, (i.e. subject to the same requirements as other vehicles). They must be   registered and licensed; must feature seatbelts, headlights, brake lights, four-wheel brakes, proper insurance and a vehicle identification number
  • All State driving and traffic laws apply.
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