May 24, 2012

Guest Photographer Series: Scenic Images from Around Pleasure Island by Michael Scott Marlowe

Here are some fantastic photos taken on the early morning of May 22nd at the Carolina Beach Pier. The photographer is Michael Scott Marlowe (Shearwater Photography) and he has been nice enough to share these 'electric' photos with blog readers.

Michael loves capturing scenic shots from the island and he has been at it for many years as he explained in our email exchange, "My mother and Grandfather have lived on Pleasure Island since I was a child.  I moved here 12 years ago for school and quickly became infatuated with the Cape Fear region and all its beauty.  Fun facts about islands and ghost ships get me excited, our rich history here has always entertained me so showing off our local beauty with friends and others has become a passion of mine."

Michael first started photography under the name Marlowe Images but recently started a new photography business with the name Shearwater Photography. He is available for any type of photography and/or video services and his rates are very reasonable.  Michael can be reached at 919-223-2517 and you can follow him on his facebook page at

NOTE: If anyone else has some favorite photos from Pleasure Island and would like to share them with blog readers, please send an email to .  You can also view previous Guest Photography Series posts here.

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