May 20, 2012

Guest Photographer Series: Island Pics Posted by Blog Friends on Facebook

Here are some photos from our Facebook photo album, "Island Pics Posted by Blog Friends."  To date, we have added over 40 photos to the album from various photographers who have captured some amazing & interesting photos from around Pleasure Island.  We'll share five now and post more in the coming weeks.  Once we are caught up, we'll continue to post photos in groups of five as we reach that threshold.

The photos are in no particular order.  Enjoy!

PS.  If you would like a solo post in the guest photographer series, send us an email to  We generally feature between three to five photos and like to have several to choose from. Thanks.

Photo by Greg Frucci of his dog Lucky enjoying the beach on the backside of a small island along the ICC.

Photo by Julie Shrewsbury of her daughter meeting a Kure Beach Lifeguard for the first time.

Photo by Lisa Michele Hagan of her cat Dora enjoying a Carolina Beach sunrise.

Photo by Katrina Pacek of a storm off the Carolina Beach coast.
Photo by Benson Stephens in Carolina Beach.
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