April 18, 2012

Reward Offered Following Mutilation of Sea Turtle at Carolina Beach

The following announcement was put out earlier today by the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project via their facebook page:

We had our first stranding of 2012 yesterday. I will not post a picture of this turtle, because what was done to it will haunt you for a long time. While we can't be sure, it appeared that this young, healthy turtle was caught and decapitated right on the beach on Snow's Cut, underneath the bridge. What I am asking you to do is spread the word and make everyone you know aware that this happened. I... am hoping we can somehow get info on the individual(s) that did this. Sorry, but ignorance of the stiff penalties involved in the destruction of a Threatened animal will not fly with me. Anyone who would do this to a defenseless animal is evil, and I will do all it takes to get justice for this poor turtle.

As of 7:00pm this evening, $520 has been pledged for the arrest/conviction of the offender(s).  For more information, please follow the PISTP on facebook.

PISTP website with contact info: http://www.seaturtleproject.org/
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