March 13, 2012

Our State North Carolina: Pops Peterson - Impressions of a Life Well Spent

This was one of my favorite stories from 2011. I meant to post it at the first of the year but it got lost in the shuffle.
Our State North Carolina

By Jason Frye

As the sun crawls above the horizon, Harold “Pops” Peterson stands on the deck of a ferry counting cars. He directs them to their numbered lanes on the boat with a smile and a friendly wave. It’s a 35-minute trip across the Cape Fear River on the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry, and Peterson will make the trip a dozen times today during his 12-hour shift. It is the sixth day of a seven-day workweek on the ferry, and Peterson, the 94-year-old dynamo, hasn’t slowed down. Not at this job, not at any job, not at life...

Read the full story here.

Photo from a WECT story on Mr. Peterson.

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