October 16, 2011

A Poem: The Fort Fisher Hermit

In memory of Robert E. Harrill Died - June 4 1972

On the peaceful shores of Fort Fisher
A man by the name of Robert 'resides
Where sun kissed waters of North Carolina
Sweep inland ' where Robert ' supposedly hides.
Yet if truth be known 'he just lived a life more simplified.
"Our lives are frittered away by detail"
He once said to a traveling man.
"I can teach you how to survive with common sense, if I can"
And shook the hand of the traveling man.

He abandoned what the rest of the world
Considered necessary ' yet at the same time ' was enviable
As Robert had the courage 'to break free ' and live
By his own standards ' which many thought commendable.
He lived a life ' less challenged ' in his own way
Near the peaceful shores of Fort Fisher
' Robert decided to stay ' This was a life
Some dreamed of living' but didn't dare
Surviving off hand outs ' that many travelers share.

He adopted a faith in rebellion
Spending seventeen years ' beneath the stars
Sleeping close to nature ' with passionate endeavour
He removed himself from a world of fast living and cars
Yet life for him was spent poorly without a dime to his name
"I came into this life with nothing" he said.
"And intend to go out the same "
He left behind the negatives and walked away from life
But maybe held the memories ' for the love of his late wife.

Over time, he gained a deeper understanding
Of his surroundings ' with an extrinsic desire
To discover the lessons within.
He had set up home in a bunker 'not far from the beach
In his old straw hat and tatty shorts
' Survival skills ' he'd teach.
Folks ' they call me a hermit
And maybe ' they've got me right
But who are they who stay at home 'watching Tv every night.

Their minds are not their own' you know
Are these folks truly happy ' I bet their answer's no
Now take this life ' I've simplified '
They wish they had the same ' I am nothing but a fisherman
But a hermit ' I've been named.
You could live your days ' just like mine
Without the need of a retirement plan
Just forget the pressures of your life
And live it as simple' as you possibly can.

I guess old Robert ' had mastered the art of peaceful living
People from all over the world' traveled to visit him.
It wasn't until years later did those who met him' learn
That the one they named the hermit ' was in fact a victim.
It is sad when you think how people would beat and rob him
This simple man with the ambition 'to live his life simplified
Came to a quiet place only to be victimised and sadly died
In a brutal worthless attack by those who remain blameless
Killed for space he claimed by those who remain nameless

Written by S.Thorn
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