September 5, 2011

Wayne Moran: The Beauty of North Carolina Beaches

September 3, 2011
by waynem

I love the beach, it’s plain and simple. I do not think I have ever seen an ugly one. Ok, one that is polluted or something is less than attractive but even one like that still has that rugged allure to it. So now you know I love the beach.

That being said, there are some beaches that are more beautiful than others, and this summer I found something special. This summer we were able to spend some time in Carolina Beach NC which is a small town in south eastern North Carolina, just south of the richly historic city of Wilmington....

So if you like beaches at all and if you get a chance, go to the Carolina Beach area of North Carolina. I think you will find it as beautiful as I have...

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(includes numerous wonderful photos from Carolina Beach)
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