August 18, 2011

Water Spouts/Tornadoes Hit Carolina Beach

Today, just after 10:00am, several waterspouts & at least one tornado were seen in the Carolina Beach area. One waterspout made landfall (becoming a tornado) near Atlanta Ave and tore apart a wooden beach access walkway.

Because the rain had subsided at the time of the spouts, the number of videos and photos on Facbeook, Twitter and News outlets are quite large. Here are a few images from this morning. Thanks again to all who shared their photos!

(Photo courtesy of Steve Shuttleworth)

(Photo courtesy of Lynne Willis)

(Photo courtesy of Luke Epps)

(Photo courtesy of Betty Gallagher-mckenzie)

(Photo courtesy of James Lowe)

(Photo courtesy of Becca Semon)

(Photo courtesy of Lexi Callahan)

(Photo courtesy of Becca Semon)

(Carolina Beach Today)

(Carolina Beach Today)

(Photo courtesy of Kimberly Watson - the tornado briefly touched down at the CB Lake)

(Photo courtesy of Mark Miller)

Some wild videos:
This was uploaded by awmoran

Uploaded by reddfoxx

Uploaded by mcclaymm

Uploaded by cqholshouser89 (definitely too close)

Uploaded by sunhildr

Uploaded by ajear11 (if you jump to the 9+ minute mark, you'll see the walkway flying through the air. Panicked birds are also visible).

For more images, check out these news galleries:
Wilmington Star News

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