August 29, 2011

DC Reporter Gets Covered in Sewage While Reporting on Hurricane Irene in Ocean City, MD

We typically post these type of stories only of our Facebook page but this news' clip is so insanely crazy, we just had to share it on the blog.

This DC Fox affiliate reporter is covering Hurricane Irene from Ocean City, MD. While he's giving a live report, he keeps getting doused with heavy doses of brown foam. The anchors keep asking about the foam and the reporter keeps replying that he doesn't know what it is other than it has a bad smell and at one point, a bad taste. This poor guy eventually learns that the foam is from an apparent sewage leak.

We typically sign off on a video post with the word 'enjoy.' That's just not appropriate for this one. So, here you go:

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Sea Foam:

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