August 16, 2011

No Winner Selected in Our State Magazine Photo Contest

Unfortunately, no winner was selected in this year's Our State Magazine 'Summertime in North Carolina Photo Contest.'

On their website, they state the following:
Thank you to all who entered a photograph and voted in this contest. Unfortunately, during the course of reviewing and tabulating the votes, we noticed irregularities that left us unable to declare a winner of the contest. Because we were unable to fully validate all the votes cast, we could not, in good faith, affirm any single photograph as the winner.

A panel of Our State judges did review the photos and they selected some judge's choice photos to share with readers. Click here to view the photos which range from the beautiful NC mountains to the beaches up and down the NC coast.

Photo Credit: 'Fishing Pier at Low Tide' - Early morning on Carolina Beach at low tide. Photograph by Brian Wear of High Point.

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