August 12, 2011

Man Bitten by Bull Shark 13 Miles off Beaufort Inlet

Last evening, the first news reports started coming in about a shark bite off the coast of Beaufort Inlet. Initial reports stated that a man fishing off the coast jumped into the water from his boat and landed on a shark that in turn bit him. But it turns out those reports were false.

According to a detailed report in the Carteret County News Times, a family was out for a fishing trip 13 miles off Beaufort Inlet. Before heading back to shore, the group decided to go for a swim in order to cool off.

The victim, Donnie White of South Carolina, was the last person to return to the boat. As he was reaching for the ladder, the others on board spotted the bull shark heading for the victim. They yelled for him to get aboard but he thought they were kidding and before he pulled himself up the ladder, he was bitten in the lower right leg.

The boat immediately returned to shore and Mr. White was transported to Carteret General Hospital for treatment.

This marks the third shark bite in NC waters this year. (July 19th Ocracoke Island, (June 26, Topsail Island)

Read the full story @
Carteret County News Times (includes photo of victim being transferred to emergency personnel)

Photo Credit: Tagging Bull Sharks in the Neuse River)

Donnie White gives an interview to ABC's Good Morning America and provides new details about the attack:
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