August 29, 2011

Carolina Beach and Kure Beach Are Open for Business

Pleasure Island is fully open for business...c'mon down as the last days of summer draw to an end.

CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. (AP) - There are scant signs that Hurricane Irene passed the beach towns south of Wilmington.

Hundreds of people were on the shore at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach on Sunday under sunny skies as waves come in rolling in gentle swells.

There are some piles of branches and palm fronds along the roads and standing water in yards.

At Carolina Beach, sand had been plowed from the beachfront road where sea water washed over during the storm.

There were signs of beach erosion and several lifeguard stands at Kure beach were blown over.

Farther south, at Fort Fisher, the stairs leading to two dune walkovers were washed away, leaving a drop of about 10 feet to the beach. Several black pipes that carry rainwater to the beach were also uncovered.

Click here to view some post Irene photos on our facebook page. (Pics were taken Saturday morning.)

ONE OTHER NOTE-From the CB Amusment Park Facebook Page:
The Park will be up and running full swing @ 5p.m. Monday the 29th. Also some area's of the park will remain open the week after Labor Day.
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