July 2, 2011

Shark Teeth Treasures at Carolina Beach

Who doesn't enjoy exploring the shoreline in search of treasures born from the sea? From sea glass to sea shells, and to everything in between, finding a unique sea gem is always a fun experience.

Our treasure hunter of the week prize (if we actually had one) would most definitely go to Denise Swain (thanks to Lynne Willis for the photo) who found this Megalodon tooth at Freeman Park -north end of Carolina Beach.

Denise's tooth measures just over four inches long and it would have been approximately three inches in width if complete. The original tooth's owner would have would have come in at nearly the same length of a city bus. Fortunately for today's ocean dwellers, this Megalodon stopped trolling for lunch nearly ten to three million yeas ago.

Would you like to know more about Megalodon sharks? Then head down to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher for their new Megalodon exhibit. And when your done, you may want to check out the beach areas of Fort Fisher as they are a hotbed location for shark's teeth. But shhhh, that's a bit of a secret.
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