July 14, 2011

Photos: Wedding at Fort Fisher w/ Reception at Harbour Pointe

As everyone who follows this blogs knows, we love seeing photos and videos from weddings that take place on the Island.

The photographer for Eric & Yolanda's wedding, which took place at Fort Fisher on June 25th, has posted a few photos on his blog (including the one on the right). In addition, he has a link where you can view the entire wedding slide show set to toe-tapping music.

The photographer, Robert Ross from Greensboro, NC, said this about the wedding shoot:
"Love shooting beach weddings. What a wonderful day and beautiful location at The Fort Fisher Historic Site by the Grove of Trees. The Reception was held at Harbour Point Clubhouse. We had cool boat ride from near Fort Fisher to the reception. Then there was a nice thunderstorm of the coast with some nice lighting."

Check out the photos from his blog here and view the video slide show on his website. It will most definitely get you day started with a smile.
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