July 5, 2011

Charlotte Observer: Bald Head Island - Another way to get there

July 05, 2011

FORT FISHER - To reach Bald Head Island, the far-flung sanctuary of golf-cart-drivers and lighthouse-lovers, you've got to drive to North Carolina's remote southeast corner and take a 20-minute ferry ride across the Cape Fear River - 23 bucks a pop, for adults.

But there's a secret back door that practically nobody takes - a route that costs zero if you're willing to hike, and demonstrates that Bald Head isn't really an island so much as the knuckle at the end of a long finger of sand.

If you start walking south from the ranger station at Fort Fisher, sticking to the hard-packed sand along the ocean, you can reach the first of the million-dollar beach houses on Bald Head after about six miles. With a four-wheel drive truck and a $12 permit, you can cut the trip in half by driving smack up to the island border, where a pair of lighthouses poke up from the dunes...

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