July 29, 2011

70 Year Old Man Fends Off 10 Foot Alligator with his Fist in Hilton Head, SC

The Island Packet newspaper (Hilton Head, SC) is reporting that a 70 year-old fisherman was attacked by a ten foot alligator.

On Thursday, a gentleman who was vacationing at the Sea Pines resort in Hilton Head was enjoying a good day of fishing at a nearby lagoon. After catching a fish, he was preparing to let it go when a 10 foot alligator exploded from the water’s edge and latched onto the man’s leg. The gentleman immediately let loose with a volley of head punches and gouged at the alligator's eyes. This was apparently too much for alligator and it released its grip and the gentleman was able to get free.

The gentleman was taken to the hospital for stitches and then released. Authorities found the gator and put it down. It should also be noted that no one has ever been killed from an alligator attack in South Carolina.

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