June 16, 2011

Videos: Two Beautiful Weddings at Fort Fisher

Once again, Brick Street Cinema has hit the ball out of the park with two of their latest wedding video releases. Both weddings recently took place on Pleasure Island.

The first video is of Denny and Shannon who were married on the beach at Fort Fisher and had their reception aboard the Royal Winner Princess in Carolina Beach.

The second is of David and Anna who were married at the gazebo at Fort Fisher and had their reception at The George in downtown Wilmington.

There's a good reason I always love watching Brick Street wedding films, they just make me smile. These guys do a wonderful job of showing the genuine chemistry between the bride and groom. And I love how they always showcase the physical surroundings. Particularly in both of these films, they really did a great job of showing the beauty of Pleasure Island.

What makes these two videos even more exceptional is that Brick Street Cinema edited and released these videos on the same day as the wedding. It's a truly impressive feat when you see the quality of the films.

So again I say thank you to Brick Street Cinema for allowing us to share their videos with blog readers. If anyone has a need for high quality videography services, make sure to give these guys a call.

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