June 3, 2011

Guest Photographer Series: Scenic Images from Around Pleasure Island by Don Adams

Here are some cool photos from Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Fort Fisher. The photographer is Don Adams and he has been nice enough to share the photos with blog readers.

Don had a lot of fantastic images to sort through which made it tough to narrow down the list for this blog post. We typically use up to five (too many can slow the blog load time) but on this occasion, we had to push it a bit.

Don stated in our email exchange that photography is just a hobby and that he enjoys sharing his shots with friends on Flickr adding that Flickr is his Facebook. As you can see, he's done a great job of showcasing the beauty of the island and he's helped introduce our little resort town to a lot of potential visitors.

I'm sure you'll enjoy these colorful photos as much as we did. Also, be on the lookout for a future series from Don as he has some wonderful textured photos from the boardwalk area. We'll do a blog posts with those shots a little later.

NOTE: If anyone else has some favorite photos from Pleasure Island and would like to share them with blog readers, please send an email to admin@carolinabeachtoday -Thanks.

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