May 3, 2011

Wilmington Star: Head Chef of Havana’s Says He’s Found his Culinary Oasis

Kudos to Havana's and their head chef, Charlie Blake, for a great write-up in the Wilmington Star this week!

By Robby Nelms/Wilmington Star
May 3, 2011

Charlie Blake, the recently minted head chef of Havana’s on Carolina Beach, has always loved island food.

“My wife and I love Jamaica. We’re going for the third time soon,” he said.

Most folks don’t have the luxury of an island hideaway in their daily grind, and Blake seems to know his new post is one to be envied. His eager smile gives him away – he’s found his culinary oasis...

Blake (a Boston Native who has been cooking since age 13) has found his tropical niche with Havana’s island-themed cuisine as Pleasure Island gears up for summer. Scenes of palm-tree-spotted beaches line the walls, and Jimmy Buffet plays over the sound system...

Read the Wilmington Star article here.
Photo from Havana's Facebook
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