May 20, 2011

North Carolina Lighthouse Quiz

Are you a fan of NC lighthouses? Do you think you have a good grasp of their history? If so, Our State magazine has put together a fun quiz to test your knowledge. Now, for people like me who enjoy visiting these towering nautical structures but aren't up to speed on their history, I'll help you with the first question so you can avoid the possibility of being skunked on the quiz.

Which North Carolina lighthouse is the oldest standing?

A. Cape Hatteras

B. Bald Head
C. Cape Lookout
(Need a hint? The photo to the right was shot from the correct answer)

When in doubt, go with the one closest to your own backyard. The correct answer is (B) Bald Head, commonly referred to as Old Baldy. It was constructed in 1817 and stands 110 feet tall . To learn more about the history of this lighthouse, visit

To complete the quiz (total of six questions), click the image below to go to the Our State magazine and click 'Take the Lighthouse Quiz.'

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