May 19, 2011

The Dispatch: Carolina Beach — where have you been hiding?

Here's a wonderful article from a Lexington, NC columnist describing her first visit to Carolina Beach this past weekend. Although both her and her husband grew up in North Carolina, they had never heard of Carolina Beach. So after receiving an e-mail advertisement for CB, they decided to check out our beach town.

It appears they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting to know Pleasure Island. But then again, how could they not? ;-)

By Barbara Presnell May 19, 2011

We decided at the last minute to go to the beach for a two-day weekend. It wasn’t Memorial Day, but you wouldn’t know it by the lack of vacancies at all our favorite places. Sunday night was no problem; it was Saturday that was booked, it seemed, up and down the Carolina coast. Then, out of the blue, on Wednesday morning, an email advertisement showed up in my inbox from VRBO — Vacation Rentals By Owner — a service we’d used before.

“Hi, Barbara,” it began. “Thinking of a beach vacation? Here’s the perfect spot for you: one bedroom, ocean front condo, at Carolina Beach.” “Carolina Beach?” said my husband, echoing my reaction. “Where is that?”

We both grew up in this state. I’ve been to the beach just about every year of my life, at least once and in most years more. I know our beaches, and before this, I would have told you without a doubt that I’d been to them all...

Cautiously optimistic, we packed the car and headed out Saturday morning. That afternoon when we turned into “Pleasure Island,” as they call this little strip of land, we were surprised to see not only the tiny collection of buildings we expected, but a thriving beach town. Restaurants, from the very small and informal to the very formal, lined the streets. A downtown block that looked very much like our own little Lexington greeted us as we drove through the town center...

That night we dined on to-die-for clam chowder and tuna at a place called Michael’s then drove to both ends of the island, first the north end, down streets lined with cottages and sidewalks that reminded me of the seaside town I visited in Oregon a few years back. Or New England, I said. It didn’t look like what I expected from our Carolina beaches.

The next day we walked the boardwalk where a collection of little shops joined a pavilion that reminded me of the Ocean Drive of my youth — with video games, pool, foosball, bowling — all in a dark, concrete, open-sided damp building. Outside were small-scale carnival rides. People lined up outside a place called Fritt’s for one of their unique, mouth-watering doughnuts. Yeah, we tried one, and they were worth waiting in line for...

Read the complete article here: The-Dispatch (Davidson County's News Source)
PS. Yes, that should read Britt's.

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