April 20, 2011

Wilmington Star: Editorial - Let’s treat Masonboro Island like the jewel it is

Here's a wonderful Wilmington Star editorial regarding Masonboro Island. The editorial really drives home the point of how fortunate we are to have unrestricted access to such a unique nature reserve and it remind us that we should all be good environmental stewards when visiting the island.

April 19, 2011
In an area rich with natural resources, undeveloped Masonboro Island stands out as a gem. The barrier island between Wrightsville and Carolina beaches is a nature reserve and also a popular destination for beachgoers.

Unlike our beach towns and the popular north end of Carolina Beach, there is no regular supervision on the fragile barrier island, which is a sea turtle nesting area, important marine nursery and wildlife haven.

Unfortunately, another sort of “wildlife” has put its mark on the island at times...

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Arial Masonboro Island photo credit
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